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100% Coconut Oil Liquid Soap

Part Number MWSB-1000B
100% Coconut Oil Liquid Soap
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55 gallon drum charge
We have created these pure and simple soap bases to give you the latitude to customize as you wish. Each base is very thick and can be thinned as needed, depending on your needs. Add Essential Oils, Botanicals, Extracts are only limited by your imagination. When creating, always experiment with a small amount of base that you have set aside so you don't compromise the entire batch.
100% Certified Organic Coconut
A very healing and potent oil that provides an excellent foundation for any soap formula. It is not recommended to use this combination alone in body formulas, as this soap can be drying. Add Hemp, Olive Oil, or any other oils or botanicals for a nourishing and high lather formula.
Ingredients: Certified Organic Coconut Oil*, Rosemary Extract, Vitamin E        *Saponified
Why only 82% Organic? Natural, handcrafted soap uses lye for saponification. Although no lye remains in the finished product, its use prevents a full 100% Organic rating without the addition of other organic ingredients.
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