Soap Club

Get your favorite bars shipped automatically - at a savings - AND - Free Shipping!

Join the Club! 
  • You choose a soap category, and we choose the bars to send to you. (It's a little surprise each month)
  • 4 BARS: You choose how often you want your deliveries, and the interval of the deliveries. 4 bars of sudsy delight will then be delivered to your door as you have specified.  
  • If you change your mind?  It's easy!  Everything is managed through your account.  Log in and make whatever changes you need.
  • Each shipment is $25.00.  So, if you choose the 15 day option, you will get 4 bars shipped every 15 days at $25.00 per shipment.  If you choose 90 days; then your shipment will arrive every 90 days and you will be billed $25.00 every 90 days!
  • Send as a GIFT!  Sign up a grungy friend to receive the gift of CLEAN!